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                  Apple Magic track pad

Apple has created a new kind of alternative to the mouse touch pad. 'Magic track pad ' name fingers shifting using the touch pad, you can use the computer. In order to control the computer mouse need not is any different. Bluetooth technology enables you to work on a 10 -meter distances from the ' magic track pad ' work with a particular type of battery. This sale is expected to be reduced if the mouse is a lot of people are concerned Technology Market. Apple's online store will be on sale for 69 dollars soon, ' Magic track pad.


             Largest flowers

It is the world's largest species of flowers. Titan arum name of the full-blown condition can be long up to 10 feet. The botanical Garden in Tokyo has a full seethe .


             Longest song

Australia has one of the world's longest music . Medical institutions , nodeef - Robinson music therapy , music written for the purpose of fundraising is. 168 Australia's budding songwriter took part in a music context . Lisa Mitchell and Josh Pyke are among the artist's . Music of the conference held in Sydney last month , in the summit , as it is part of . The imposition of a tune for the song writing artists was invited . Union Minister of Australia famous bands and singers such as midnight oil in the first two lines of the song were written by Peter gyareta . The first two lines of the ' dearest A Song in My Heart ,A deyarasa to stari Singh '.