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Moment’s coworker slap Taiwan law-giver cui class E - inks was sentenced to 30 days in the country, he said. The case against someone due to quarrel law-giver parliament in Taiwan for the first time. The judgment of the court.The verdict, the ruling party MP Lee kuyominatam cim - huyake parliament slap cui hit. Police leak ' publicly insulting ' the court convicted the cuike. Cinabisayaka Lee talks about the day itself cuike ' rude women ' was called. China contradictory known as a member of the Democratic Party in response to progresibha cui cheeks slap hit lira.
However, with a fine of $ 930 cui remission can serve. Roy cui said in response, “The judiciary has been destroyed. I was sentenced to a fine of not just the current government in front of the bizarre and ridiculous regime Section. 'The last week signed a controversial trade agreement with China, Taiwan's parliament; the debate itself is the mutual slaughter of the fights. The four MPs were injured.