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                 Sleep opens word puzzle

There is nothing new to say about the benefits of sleep. At least it was not shipped. I like to say once again that I have to add a subject. _ I think it is useful to the open s word puzzle. The researchers said, is just a 40 -minute uninterrupted sleeping human brain makes much more active and operational. After sleeping off the people all of the information can be easily threaded.
Saikolajikyala the journal Science recently published a report in the Washington University in St. Luise psychologist said. Mark myakadyaniyela said, I get weak in the human brain regions, and strong communication system. It was again the world. Recent studies, especially the weak parts of the brain smrtibhandarera more benefit from it.
The report is a step in the sleep cycle when people are tandracchanna, it’s just going to wind up in deep sleep the brain is most beneficial. The two regions of the brain, the hippocampus and cortical _ are communicating effectively. A Hippocampal region of memory formation and contributes to preserving the memories of the cortical region.
Michael Sulina researchers said, the idea of being newly learned tathyaguloke hippocampus during sleep, and to stimulate new and lasting memories dharanasila parts of the brain take over smrtibhandarera place. It contributes to a stable sleep more powerful memory.