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                       Create Trash Hotel

The hotel, which - and I will make with the garbage ! The question may be, is the lack of nirmanasamagrira what? Move ginesa in the name of the project to build a utopian record? The purpose of creating awareness of the environmental initiatives of an organization such as Rome, Italy.
All over the world, especially Europe, the tourists can samudrasaikatagulo being contaminated trash every day, the beaches are clean and in protest against the exceptional campaign aims to build awareness of the ' Save the Beach ' names environmental group.
The hotel is made from garbage yenatenabhabe was created. ‘Action Artist as a famous German artist H. skalatera design has been created at the hotel . It has been used as making material beaches in the garbage. You can spend the night in this effortlessly residential hotel. I want to be associated with the campaign; you can text the name of the list of volunteers. I will get in exchange for the opportunity to profit from the experience. Hotel Hollywood celebrities can go with the good fortune to spend the night.
The famous beer brand provides extra ' main sponsors of the project. This campaign has been associated with the Sun Online. The hotel will remain open for tourists from June 3 to 7. Hotel the special guests for the first night was the location of the former Miss Universe and Miss Denmark and Save the Beach project provides super model Helena kristenasena ayambasedara .
The Sun online for their readers wrote, ' saubhagyabana winner of our readers and their friends can fly to Rome. They will be able to spend time with Helena. The winner of our readers will find the full one- year special discount provides beer. '
The ' saraphara Today dot com ' - one of the articles of the European coastal areas to build awareness for the preservation of the 2008 provides to the Save the Beach project is initiated. Their promise, and the beaches are clean will be a new Europe. Last year they were pretty bicake kapokota Italy. Britain is one of the saikatake . But if you want to add with him will go to Face book. We also went to the ' like ' button that can be associated with this project.