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            Loss of Teeth eating at midnight

The plays tooth loss is maratdaka at midnight. The teeth may fall even faster. A group of researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.
Danish researchers continue to test the 17 people at midnight to eat the teeth can create the risk of falling. The type of food is low risk - that’s because it does not have any effect.
Researchers in the mouth after eating food from the mouth to remove the remaining kanagulo an important role in the flow of saliva. Dry mouth, salivary flow stays late at night to go.
After six years in the Selected research study of 173 people, or 8 percent of the people ' naisakhadaka ' is marked as. But one day - more than a quarter of the food you eat after midnight. They wake up , eat up at least a week duirate - Dawa said . The researchers see this, compare rates more likely than others in the naisakhadakadera teeth. However, age, smoking, taking sugar levels _ these issues as well as the driver works.
The British Dental Association scientific adviser Professor demiyena oyamasale , the night when it is dry most of the time the food remains in the mouth of some of the plays is , without sugar or sugar and acid in the food or drink more of it . Loss of control levels for at least an hour to brush before going to sleep until something other than water should not be consumed. ‘Items behavior, the research results have been published in a journal. source : internet