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                      Dog Bath Washing Machine

For dogs and cats in pet a financial crisis gosale time there is more money to spend on. Japan to rescue the dog - cat owners are taking refuge in the washing machine. Has been designed pet dogs and cats specifically for bathing, washing machine. Upasahare jayaphula Honda supermarkets in Tokyo, the capital of the pet to be placed in front of the vending machine to wash the dog - cat owners marred by crowd. Karanoya skilled people where each pet animal bath and drying well for 0 paunderao get more money, and a vending machine for every animal bathing and drying costs in the interest only payment equal to three pounds.
His Naka Honda machine, washing machine, pet bath karanoke creatures it does not feel any ill to work. However, dog breed Yorkshire teriyara the the machine to be used in gasoline that time, he likes to admit. Washers have a bathroom with shampoo and the creatures sukate interest takes 33 minutes. Device is completely safe, clean water is being claimed. Please bathe pets that people who fall into the device gives the device for safer.  source : internet