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                                       Baby crying

The concept is fairly kamdabe children at the mother - father near normal . The emanatai doctors . Kamdalei children , but they do not become bhabita . In theory , the Crying babies asleep reading should be used . They have to maintain their fitness . ' Queen of the routine as a famous child care expert jina Ford proved that theory wrong, it is going to be . The new theory is that children should not be crying . Sbasthyaprada was not for our children . I have a new theory pyarentim penelopi lica expert .
Penelopi his recently published book , and when kamde children , their parents - parents should not try to stop crying . Especially in the first year after birth, babies are sensitive to the structure of the brain . The children get kamde response . The age at which someone's attention to the children kannai
Way . If the woman does not respond to the frustration of those who are , it can be turned into their adulthood . After dinner , the children are the only kemdei and gets no response , but a negative effect on their manojagate with a vengeance . Penelopi , the age of the children do not need to exercise the lungs . At age without reason only imosanala blyakameila ' I weep for the unwanted attention does not qualify . Tagidei kamde oituku age requirements . So I - I should not , ' cause whose ' crying and crying at the idea of ​​changing the time for children to be careful . The crying of children at the time of the saliva tests found the presence of large amounts of hormones kartisala . The kartisala if the hormone is usually stress .
Lica penelopi tabhistaka Clinic and Institute for the Study of the United Kingdom Children , Families and Social Issues Honorary Fellow . The children in the study had been conducted in a sahaparicalaka . Books work experience in your career so he said , ' So far I did not find any studies that support the baby crying'. source : internet